We provide webmail services as part of your cPanel hosting control panel. This allows you to access email on any internet-connected device via a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

Methods to access webmail

There are two ways to access your webmail service.

  1. Via https://clients.webage.net/ - this gives access to all of your account, including all emails and hosting services on the account.
    1. Log in to the clients area at https://clients.webage.net/. 
      1. The email address to use for logging in here is the main email address for your account, to which  we send correspondence such as invoices; this is not necessarily the email address you wish to check.
      2. Use the forgot password link if you do not know the password.
    2. Navigate, using the top menu, to Services > My Services.
    3. The services table is displayed; click on the row where the name of the service hosting your email account is mentioned.
    4. Under Quick Shortcuts, click Email Accounts.  This transfers you into your cPanel.
    5. Now click Check Email  (or Access Webmail in older versions of cPanel) next to the relevant email address. This will transfer you to webmail, where you can read, send and receive email.
  2. Directly at https://mydomain.com/webmail 
    1. Replace "mydomain.com" with your own domain name, and enter your email address and password.
    2. This will take you straight into webmail for this account.
    3. Use the password reset/forgot password feature to reset the password if required - note that you will need to reset any devices configured with the email account to use this new password.


  • If you have not accessed webmail before you may be asked to choose a webmail program: Horde and Roundcube are offered.
  • If your email is configured as POP3 on your PC, phone or other devices, you are likely to find that email previously received or sent via your device is not available via webmail. 
  • We recommend using IMAP mail if using our email service with webmail and multiple devices.
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