The following procedure describes the process by which you can make a backup of your entire hosting account so it can be stored offline or to transfer the whole site to another server.

  1. Access your cPanel - see this article on how to access your cPanel for more details
  2. Now click the Backup button in the Files section of cPanel.
  3. To download a backup, either:
    1. Download an existing backup by choosing from the list displayed under the heading Account Backups, or:
    2. In the Full Backup section, click the Download a Full Website Backup button to start creating a new backup
      1. On the following page make sure the Home Directory option is selected.
      2. Enter your email address to receive an email notification when the backup completes (optional).
      3. Click Generate Backup button to begin the Full cPanel Backup.
      4. You will then see a message stating “Full Backup in Progress…” Allow some time for the backup to complete, you will receive an email notification upon completion (if you entered your email address in the last step).
      5. Download the file from your cPanel. The backup page will display a list of this and any other backups with direct links to download
      6. The backup will also be located in your /home directory, and be clearly named as a backup by date. You can use the cPanel File Manager or an FTP client (e.g. Filezilla) to download the backup from this location.
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