The following instructions apply to our Standard Hosting package and upwards, which include the WordPress Manager feature. This enables fully-automated installation of WordPress on cPanel. The instructions assume a fresh install in a new hosting account.

  1. Log in to your cPanel*
  2. Under Applications, click WordPress Manager
  3. Click Create Site and either follow:
    1. For Automatic Configuration (default), simply click Install.
      1. WordPress will be installed into the selected domain's root (typically into the public_html directory unless this has been altered). Warning: this will overwrite any existing files with the same names.
      2. All database settings, usernames and passwords are created automatically.
    2. For Advanced Configuration (manual settings): click Advanced Configuration
      1. Specify all details manually: installation directory, username, password and blog details following guidane on screen
      2. Click Install.
  4. Upon installation, login information will be displayed on screen.

Note this process installs the latest version of WordPress available through the cPanel repository. It is strongly recommended to log into WordPress directly after installation and upgrade to the very latest version.

*How to log in to cPanel
Our handy guide on how to access your cPanel

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