We are regularly contacted by concerned customers who have received scam emails concerning domain name renewals at hugely inflated prices. The following information should help guard against these scams.

  • We will only ever email you about payment from our domains – webage.co.uk or webage.net and cloudstreamtechnology.com
  • The only place to make secure payment to us online is via your account at https://clients.webage.net
  • We will never email or call you asking you to disclose login details, usernames or passwords
  • You may also receive mandatory domain renewal reminders (but not requests for payment) from our suppliers:
    • OpenSRS / Tucows (for .com, .net, .org and other international TLDs)
    • Nominet (for .uk and related domains)
  • Any emails which ask for money and originate from any other domains than the above should be treated as a hoax or scam
  • Scammers may spoof a domain so always carefully scrutinise the real source of the message and if possible, check the email headers and check the destination domain of any links or buttons in the email
  • If you’re ever in doubt, please just ask us by email at support@webage.co.uk
  • You can also check your account any time at https://clients.webage.net so you know what is outstanding and when your domains and services are actually due for renewal, and how much they should cost
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