Obtaining Credentials

For FTP credentials, please consult the Welcome email for your log in details - subject is usually "New Account Information".

The username and password in this email can be used both for FTP and for logging in to cPanel.

Alternatively, if you do not have this email, or do not know the credentials, log into your account at https://clients.webage.net and chose Services > My Services > click on the required Product/Service and from the Actions menu, choose Change Password.

If you do not know the username, from the same Actions menu, choose login to cPanel and you will see the username displayed under General Information > Current User. Note that File Manager in cPanel can be used as a convenient alternative to FTP.

You can also contact support@webage.co.uk to request the Welcome email is resent. Please specify the exact website for which you require log in details. Please note that the Welcome email can only be sent to the main email address registered on your account with us.

Configuring FTP Client

Configure an FTP connection in your FTP client of choice with the settings as follows, replacing the example values mydomain etc with your own credentials (note the username may not contain your domain name - refer to steps above to verify).

FTP Username: mydomain
FTP server: ftp.mydomain.com
FTP & explicit FTPS port:  21
Password: (as obtained above)

You can obtain configuration files for CoreFTP (Windows) and Cyberduck (Mac) from your cPanel at Files > FTP Accounts > Special FTP Accounts (assuming using main cPanel user) > Configure FTP Client


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