Before requesting cancellation, please read the important information about cancellation. This is to ensure you understand the process and have a backup before going ahead with the steps below.

To cancel hosting services:

  1. Please log in at
  2. On the main menu choose Services > My Services
  3. Your services are listed. Click the green Active button beside the relevant service.
  4. Under Actions, click Request Cancellation.
  5. Complete the cancellation form following the hints on screen. You may request immediate cancellation or cancellation at the end of the present billing period.

Please note that cancellation requests are final. Please ensure that you have a backup of all data before submitting a cancellation request. Your cancelled services will be terminated automatically on the cancellation date indicated when you submit your request.

Should you wish to restore the service, a labour charge will apply if we are able to retrieve a backup. This is not guaranteed, hence our instructions on ensuring you have a backup before cancellation requests are made.



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