To cancel a hosting account, please follow the steps in this article - How do I cancel my services?

It is important to understand what happens when you request cancellation and to make sure you have taken the following actions, should you wish to retain your site files, database and/or DNS settings.

1. Ensure you have a backup

Cancellation means that the relevant services will cease to function immediately after termination, either on the day of cancellation (if immediate cancellation is requested) or at the end of the current billing period (if end-of-period cancellation is requested).

If your cancellation pertains to a website and/or domain names and you wish to preserve your site or move it to another provider, you must now ensure that you have a full back up of your web site, database and any other files, and have a full copy of your DNS zone data prior to the termination date. Read our support article on backing up your account.

2. DNS

DNS management is an integral part of your hosting package. When you cancel a hosting package, you will lose access to this and all DNS zone data associated with domains in the hosting package will be removed from our system and nameservers.

It's important to understand that this will impact your use of third party services; e.g. Microsoft 365 or other similar third party email services.

If you use such services, it is essential that you ensure the required DNS zone data is fully configured with your new provider before cancellation to avoid interruption to service.

If you wish to continue using our DNS management and our nameservers, do not cancel the package but instead, make an immediate request to downgrade your hosting to a DNS-only package, by email to A charge will apply for this service.

You must request this in writing before cancellation occurs. Do not enter this request as the cancellation reason. Send a separate email to requesting a downgrade. Should you require us to restore the hosting account after cancellation, a labour charge will apply. However, we cannot guarantee that a backup will be available. Therefore, you should follow the advice above to ensure you have a backup before requesting cancellation.

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