The following instructions are applicable to our Home Hosting product and/or other services which do not include a One-Click installer. The instructions assume a fresh install in a new hosting account with no other databases or website files present.

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress at and save the zip file in a handy location on your computer.
  2. Log in to your cPanel*
  3. Prepare a database as follows - have a text document open and ready to note the connection details:
    1. In cPanel, under Databases, click on MySQL Database Wizard
    2. In step 1, create the database following the hints on screen, and note the database name.
    3. In step 2, create the database user, ensuring you take a note of the database user and password.
    4. In step 3, select All Privileges and click next step to complete the set up.
  4. Return to Home and under Files click File Manager
  5. Double click on public_html to navigate into this folder.
  6. Click Upload on the toolbar above the file list.
  7. Click Select File and find the WordPress zip file which you downloaded in the very first step of this list, and click Open. File is uploaded with progress indicated on screen.
  8. Go back to the public_html folder.
  9. Find the WordPress zip file and choose Extract on the toolbar
    1. This will extract the files to the specified location which will be public_html/wordpress by default - WordPress will be installed in its own directory
    2. If you wish to install WordPress directly in the public_html directory, navigate into the public_html/wordpress folder, click Select All and then Move. In the Move dialog box, enter /public_html as the file path to which the files should be moved, and click Move File(s)
  10. Now open a browser and navigate to:
    1. (if you installed WordPress directly into public_html, or
    2. (if you installed WordPress into a sub folder, in this case the default wordpress)
  11. Fill out the configuration form with the information as indicated on screen, using localhost or for database host. This may vary by server. Click Submit.
  12. Complete out the information about your website, taking a note of username and password, then click Install WordPress.  On completion, login information will be displayed.

Typical troubleshooting

  • Ensure you granted all permissions to the database user during step 3.4 above.
    • To check this, in cPanel, go to Databases > MySQL Databases > Current Databases - the database user should be specified under Privileged Users
    • To add the user, under Add User to Database, ensuring correct database and user are selected click Add and then grant all privileges.
  • Ensure all details (database name, usernames and passwords) are entered correctly - make sure you do not pick up an extra space at the end when copy-pasting

Official documentation:

*How to log in to cPanel
Our handy guide on how to access your cPanel


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